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Businesses interested in applying for the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) should satisfy the following requirements: 

be incorporated and active in Singapore

a minimum of 30% of the shares are owned locally

being able to start and finish the project with enough money

How can i apply for an EDG Grant?

Through the Business Grants Portal, you may submit an application for the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG). 2Stallions can help you with this procedure because they are EDG Certified. To get started, please refer to the instructions below:

A Consultation Appointment with 2Stallions

Prepare  EDG Grant proposal

Submit EDG Grant proposal via the Biz Portal

Await approval from Enterprise Singapore

Implement the suggested strategies from 2Stallions

Make an EDG claim with 2Stallions

What paperwork must I gather for the application? 

Please get ready the following paperwork: 

Audited Financial Statements 

EDG Project Proposal

Cost Quotation & Scope of Work from Consultant

Consultant’s Certification

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How much EDG (Enterprise Development Grant) funding is offered? 

EDG does not have a maximum cap. This is dependent on the project's established task scope and the SME's capacity-building efforts. The business applying for it, its track record, and other factors also play a role. Projects funded by EDG typically cost between $30,000 and $50,000, however some go as high as $100,000.

Please speak with one of our experts so we can come up with a customised solution for you.

What does the work's scope include?

Depending on the demands and requirements of your firm, the scope of work may change. Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the task scope, the following fundamental principles apply: 

Assessment and gap analysis of your business 

Evaluation of both internal and external aspects, including competitiveness and strengths and shortcomings 

Secondary or primary research 

Plans for implementation and recommendations

Please speak with one of our experts so we can come up with a customised solution for you.

What’s the time frame to complete an EDG Project?

Yes, a typical EDG project will take between six and twelve months.

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Searching for a digital marketing agency for your business goals? With over a decade of industry experience and an in-house team of experts, we provide personalised and customised solutions tailored to achieve your business objectives.


The client is an eCommerce business focused on selling specialised food and beverage products for specific cuisines based in Singapore.


Client was facing a severe shortage of sales in a highly competitive market and wanted to use digital marketing to bolster their awareness and online purchases to bring in more revenue.


To help achieve the client's goals, 2Stallions revamped the client's eCommerce website and ran social media advertising campaigns aimed at raising awareness and increasing online sales.


Increase in Web Traffic Sessions

Increase in e-Commerce Revenue

What We can Achieve Together

Digital growth, half the cost!

What is the PSG Grant?

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) introduced by the Singaporean government is a strategic initiative to bolster businesses in adopting IT solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency.
PSG extends its support to various areas, offering eligible SMEs an opportunity to leverage cutting-edge technologies while alleviating financial constraints.

How to Apply for the PSG Grant with 2Stallions

The client submits an enquiry for consultation and briefing with 2Stallions.

2Stallions offers comprehensive assistance, from gathering required documents to liaising with authorities. We ensure a smooth application experience, maximising your chances of PSG grant approval.

Submit an application on the Business Grant Portal (BGP) website.

Quotation of solution will be sent to the client for Grant application.

The initial invoice & contract will be sent to the client for checking, confirmation & approval.

Our comprehensive needs analysis, strategy & assets creation will commence upon payment.

The remaining invoices are issued quarterly (every 3 months) upfront.

The client will submit a claim on the BGP portal to get reimbursement after project completion.

Why Choose Us?

2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency is centred on excellence, cutting-edge innovation, and swift execution. As one of the most dynamic digital agencies in the region, our mission is to surpass your performance marketing targets. Our expert teams are committed to enhancing your digital performance from strategic planning to meticulous execution. Our award-winning team is composed of imaginative creatives, skilled coders, strategic leads, and adept marketing & sales professionals, all spread across Asia to amplify your brand’s digital presence.

PSG Grant Services Offered by 2Stallions

Unlock the full potential of PSG with 2Stallions' tailored services, designed to propel your business growth.

Website Development and Design

Create a robust online presence with responsive, user-friendly websites that meet PSG funding criteria and implement SEO best practices.

E-Commerce Solutions

Maximise online sales potential with well-crafted e-commerce platforms. Integrate secure payment gateways and inventory systems for seamless operations.

Social Media Marketing

Harness social media's power to amplify brand awareness and engagement. Leverage targeted ad campaigns for optimum reach.

Digital Advertising and PPC

Optimise ROI with strategic pay-per-click campaigns. Our experts ensure your ad budget is spent effectively.

Marketing Automation

Streamline processes with automation tools. Enhance customer experiences through personalised marketing campaigns.

Accelerate your Business Growth with 50% PSG Grant Funding

Unlock the potential of our specially curated PSG Grant packages to propel your business forward:



Social Media Marketing + Social Media Advertising + Photography/Videography


3 months

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Search Engine Optimisation + Social Media Marketing + Content Marketing + Photography


3 months

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2Stallions is a trusted digital marketing expert and an authorised PSG grant vendor. We offer personalised solutions and a commitment to your success. Leverage PSG with us and take the first step towards boosting your business.

Get in touch with us to embark on this transformative journey of leveraging the PSG grant to elevate your business to new heights.

Once the grant application is approved, the client is to accept the Letter of Offer from BGP.

How to Get PSG Grant Singapore?

To obtain the PSG (Productivity Solutions Grant) in Singapore, you need to follow a straightforward process. Identify your business needs and select relevant PSG-approved solutions. Prepare the required documents and apply through the Business Grants Portal. Expert guidance from 2Stallions can help you navigate this path to government-backed growth.

How Does The PSG Grant Work?

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) aids Singaporean SMEs in automating processes for increased productivity. It covers specific sectors like retail, food, logistics, engineering, construction, and IT solutions applicable across industries. Eligible SMEs must be registered in Singapore, have 30% local shareholding, and fall within sales or employment limits. The purchased/leased/subscription-based IT solutions/equipment must be used in Singapore. No prior payments or contracts with suppliers/vendors are allowed; otherwise, applications will be rejected.

How to Apply for the PSG Grant?

Applying for the PSG Grant involves a few key steps. Choose suitable PSG-approved solutions that align with your business objectives. Gather the necessary documents, such as quotations and details of the chosen solution. Submit your application through the Business Grants Portal. 2Stallions is here to assist you in this process, ensuring a seamless application experience.

How Much Is The PSG Grant?

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) helps Singapore companies improve their productivity and automate existing processes through IT solutions and equipment.

  • Up to 50% of eligible costs for local SMEs
  • Receive up to $30,000 and improve your business productivity

Is There a Cap on PSG Grant?

Yes, there is a funding cap for PSG grants. The cap varies depending on the nature of the solution and your business needs. It's essential to explore the funding cap associated with your chosen PSG-approved solution to understand the financial support available.

How Long Does PSG Claim Take?

The duration of processing a PSG claim can vary. It typically takes a few weeks for your claim to be assessed and approved. However, the exact time may depend on factors such as the complexity of your project and the completeness of your documentation.

Can Sole Proprietor Apply for PSG Grant?

Yes, sole proprietors are eligible to apply for PSG grants. As long as your business meets the specific eligibility criteria and requirements set by the government, you can leverage PSG support to enhance your business capabilities.

How Many PSG Grants Can A Company Apply And Be Approved For?

Businesses can seek multiple PSG grants for various solution categories, but only one package per category is allowed per deployment site. Eligible applications encompass purchasing one equipment/IT solution unit or acquiring an IT solution for a different location. If the same IT solution is requested for the same site, the application will be declined.

What Documents Do I Need to Sign Up for a PSG Grant?

When signing up for a PSG grant, you will need to provide essential documents such as identification details, business registration information, quotations from pre-approved vendors, and details of the chosen PSG-approved solution. These documents help validate your eligibility and support your application.

What Are the PSG Eligibility Criteria for SMEs?

To qualify for the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) must fulfil certain prerequisites outlined by the Singaporean government. Consult with experts or relevant authorities to ensure compliance with eligibility criteria before applying for the PSG grant.

How Do I Accept The Letter Of Offer (LOF)?

Only the designated Acceptor can accept the Letter of Offer (LOF) – Viewers and Preparers cannot. Your Corppass role is shown by the label next to your account name. If you're the Acceptor, open the approved grant in the Updates Required tab, then access the LOF in the Letters and Documents section. After reading, click Accept to confirm your acceptance and the grant's award.



Social Media Advertising + Search Engine Marketing with Landing Page Development


6 months

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Search Engine Optimisation + Content Marketing with Blogpost/ Infographics Creation



6 months

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Search Engine Optimisation + Search Engine Marketing with Landing Page Development



6 months

View Brochure